April 26th - 27th, 2014

From Zero to Hero: Leveraging hood.ie to build for the offline state

Being offline sucks. It’s one of the biggest pains in our ever growing hyper-connected world. Ever tried to do update your location while in a basement, failed to send a text message in in the metro, or lost a completed online form because of submitting it while your connection went down the drain? The ideal scenario would be that web applications took care of this downside, but still the majority of application designers and programmers doesn’t develop for the offline state. Luckily, the clever folks at hood.ie came up with a new approach to tackle this complicated issue: A JavaScript application framework that enables us to build offline-first applications, with data synchronization as a progressive enhancement, instead of a dependency. In this session, I will show you how to build an offline-friendly checklist application with hood.ie, demonstrating some of the framework’s features and going through the creation process step by step. The application allows users to create online checklists (which they can then share across all devices and platforms) and pass them on to their pals with a unique URL identifier. The creation of checklist templates allows the user to use the same checklists over and over again, to enable users to set up repetitive activities and routines. This presentation is going to focus on the features that make hood.ie special, and examplifies their use by an easy-to-follow hands on mini workshop.

This contribution is by Marcel Kalveram

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