April 26th - 27th, 2014

End the JS Framework war - Learn as many as possible.

Ever since jquery, we have been steadily increasing the amount of complexity that the client side part of a web application handles. As the complexity increased, we needed higher abstractions and better toolkits to create structured and scalable web front ends. With the advent of single page applications, this has been even higher. The recent influx of Javascript toolkits and frameworks is a GOOD thing. It provides us Javascript developers with a wonderful playground to learn coding philosophies and best practices in the easiest way possible. Design patterns are old hat but Javascript, as we all know, works slightly differently and these frameworks are leveraging the good parts to come up with great patterns. So, my recent endeavor has been to flush out these patterns, lay bare the mysterious workings of the framework and learn to make myself a better developer. It started with Backbonejs, progressed to Emberjs and now I'm looking back at patterns in Jquery, while also dabbling with flightjs and angular. I am a Front End developer based in Bangalore, India and working at a health care startup. I peddle my code at https://github.com/pksjce

This contribution is by Pavithra K

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