April 26th - 27th, 2014

Rapid prototyping, development & testing of a cloud-based, social music streaming platform

Our product isn't officially released yet, by the time the UNconf comes around we'll be able to demo the real product! So forgive my being cagey :) The future of mobile and web development will be built on highly scalable Backend-As-A-Service (BaaS) architectures like Parse and CloudMine. Using hosted Node.js and backend-managed data and webhooks written in Javascript, enterprise applications and new consumer products can be built in a matter of weeks. I'll talk about how I've leveraged the CloudMine platform to produce a business solution for music streaming purely in Javascript, including a single-page browser application built using Backbone.js and jQuery and a suite of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, also all built purely in Javascript via PhoneGap. Time to market from inception to release of the backend, webhooks, browser app, and mobile apps, all written in Javascript, has been just a few weeks, a feat that was impossible even just a few months ago. No need to build full backend OR frontend applications - just enough to interact with the JS SDK provided by the BaaS provider and the webhooks. I'll also cover how TDD has been leveraged from the beginning using Jasmine. I'll be providing diagrams, code snippets, and can even live demo the full product - the whole audience can participate on their phones, tablets, phablets and laptops!

This contribution is by Patrick Sears

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