April 26th - 27th, 2014

Using the SCARF model to improve cooperation in development teams

Developing software in a team is not only about technology, but also about cooperating with other team members. However, the importance of our social needs - especially when working together - has been traditionally underrated. As it turns out, a threat to your status in a team activates similar brain regions as a physical threat to your live. Also, did you know that your brain has a default mode that gets activated when you do nothing? Did you know that in this default mode the brain mainly deals with thinking about others and your relation to them? In this talk I will introduce you to the basics of your social brain, the SCARF (http://www.your-brain-at-work.com/files/NLJ_SCARFUS.pdf) model, and how we can improve our social interactions.

This contribution is by Oliver Zeigermann

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