April 26th - 27th, 2014

Between "Hello World" and enterprise grade cloud setups: How to deploy, scale and monitor your Node.js applications

When you look at common Node.js tutorials, they usually resolve around how to get started with Express. Some of them also explain how to deploy your site and keep it running on hosting platforms like Heroku or as a service on your own machine. But shortly thereafter you are left to your own devices. On the other hand, you hear about great stories of Node.js in production like at Walmart during Black Friday (http://nodeup.com/fiftysix) – the part in between is mostly missing. But what happens if your little application or API attracts more users and you need to scale? What is the best way to monitor and measure your application, find bottlenecks and unexpected errors as things are growing? And how do you deploy new versions with minimum downtime? ** This contribution is meant as an open discussion to share own experiences and best practices rather than a presentation. As individual needs, project setups and resulting problems differ, this is a great opportunity to compare different approaches. **

This contribution is by Frederic Hemberger

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