April 26th - 27th, 2014


Your first steps with Clojurescript and Om

Building Desktop applications with node.js and node-webkit

Web Security in Single Page Apps and node.js

Supersonic Node.js applications with Lua and Luvit.io

The secrets of the git ninjas

Between "Hello World" and enterprise grade cloud setups: How to deploy, scale and monitor your Node.js applications

Math Fun: Procedural Music with Java Script

Where Node.js Meets iOS

Building Real-Time, Collaborative Web Applications

i18n with angular-translate

Beyond the To-do List

Build Your Own AngularJS

emscripten, mandreel and duetto - an overview

Helping out on the Conference

Introduction to react.js

Using the SCARF model to improve cooperation in development teams

Lightning Talk: AngularFire

VanillaJS vs. jQuery

Rapid API Development

Everything Animated

On breaking Customized JavaScript-based XSS Protections

"Project-level documentation is for managers, blocks-level documentation is for developers" by Vladimir Grinenko

Enterprise AngularJS

Promises in Javascript

Stop storing your users' data!

Pros and Cons of declared types

Async patterns with promises, generators and coroutines

Firefox OS - A Webdevelopers view

Rapid prototyping, development & testing of a cloud-based, social music streaming platform

Rendering large terrains in WebGL

Hoodie & AngularJS - The perfect couple for simple and fast Prototyping!

Reactive Angular

HTML enhanced for web apps - Introduction to AngularJS

Project communcation

Building your own Quadcopter

End the JS Framework war - Learn as many as possible.

Writing a clean, zero-dependency single page app

Videogular: An HTML5 video player for AngularJS

New features in npm

From Zero to Hero: Leveraging hood.ie to build for the offline state

Games from the 80ies in less than 100 lines of code

Firefox Marketplace

All Streams All of the Time

Patching CoffeeScript for AngularJS

Game Jam - Developing a 48h Game

Company Culture under Pressure / Growing Business Changes Behaviour

Implmenting Hypermedia APIs in JavaScript

Using sensors in Open Web Apps